How Does the Earth's Movement Effect Our Lives?

Earth's Rotation


The Earth and Beyond
  • Explore the Earth's Rotation from Manchester, England.

The Earth And Beyond: Sunrise and Sunset
  • Explore sunrise and sunset from Manchester, England.

Space Science: Rotation
Read and watch animation about the Earth's rotation.


Earth's Revolution The Sun

NEOK12- Earth's Revolution

Space Science: Earth's Revolution

  • Read and watch animation about the Earth's Revolution around the sun.

Physical Geography- Revolution
Earth's Revolution-Animation
  • See animation of the Earth revolving around the sun.

Kid's Geo- Earth's Seasons
  • Read about the Earth's revolution causes the seasons.


Moon's Revolution Around the Earth

Bill Nye Moon Video

Moon's Phases
  • Explore the Moon's Phases from Manchester, England
Moon's Revolution and Rotation Video
  • Explore how the moon rotates and revolves just like Earth.

Beyond The Earth Project

Explore the characteristics of all of the planets on our solar system at the following websites: