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Something New: The Heritage Heights Enrichment Wiki
We are proud to introduce the Heritage Heights Wiki! Have you ever heard of a Wiki? Wiki is a Hawaiian word for 'fast'. It is also the term for a community website that everyone can read and community members can add to. Our community members- the students, have been using the wiki to learn new technology, collaborate on projects and publish all of their great work.
The Heritage Heights wiki has something for everyone. Can't find what you are looking for? Our wiki is growing and we encourage students to create their own pages with independent projects. We have only just begun and encourage all children to show their thinking and creativity on our wiki!

In addition to the wiki, another great resource is my 'Delicious' page. On this page, you will find many websites that I have bookmarked for learning across grade levels.

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Weather Haikus

Haikus are a Japanese form of poetry that usually focuses on nature.
Here is an example of a weather haiku that I wrote:

Seasons quickly change
Sun, colorful leaves, and snow
Buffalo weather

For more information on haikus, click here

If you would like to write your own weather haiku go to our Haiku Page

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