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The Kickball Tournament [Problem #3943]

Ms. Emery is a physical education teacher. She wants to organize a kickball tournament for the fourth graders in her school. She will divide the fourth grade into 6 equal kickball teams. Ms. Madden's fourth grade class has 20 students, Mr. Smoyer's fourth grade class has 23 students and Ms. Ponzio's fourth grade class has 29 students.
How many students will be on each team? Be sure to tell how you found the answer.
Extra: The tournament will be played as a round robin. Every team will play each other team once.
How many games will take place? How do you know?

Annabella, Luke, Kailynn and Alyssandra

  • Each team will have 12 members. Our first step was to find out how many students there were altogether. Since there were 3 classes, we had to add the students from each of them. We added 20, 23 and 29 and figured out there was 72 total students. Now that we knew how many students there were we needed to divide them into 6 teams. When you divide 72 students into 6 groups, there will be 12 students in each group
  • Extra: They will play 15 games in their tournament.