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Spring Equinox
Jasmine Nguyen

Every time when the Earth dances around the sun
There is a vary of chances of year-round fun.
While the Earth sways in her blue and green dress
There is a event better than the rest.
There is a certain special period in the year
The time where my favorite Equinox is near.
My absolute favorite one of all,
Is neither Winter, Summer, or Fall.
My favorite Equinox is the one in Spring
When all the birds and people sing.
An Equinox is nature’s special reason
That helps present all four seasons.
Season happens because of the Earth changing tilt.
That is why in Fall the pretty flowers wilt.
And why in Summer it is very quite hot.
And also why in Winter it is absolutely not.
But in the one season that we call spring
The result comes as a crazy thing.
Spring is like all the seasons tied into one
Into a little, neat, tight bun.