Welcome to The 5 Themes of Geography!


  • This theme answers the question of where? When geographers talk about location, they talk about 2 types of location- absolute location and relative location. Absolute Location describes exactly where the area of study is. They may refer to an address or latitude and longitude. Relative Location describes what an area of study is near. They may uses words like border, near, south of, etc... To explore location further click here



  • When geographers study the place of an area, they are answering the question what. What types of People, Land, Agua (water), Climate and Environment exist in the area. To explore the theme of PLACE more, click here.


  • This theme of geography combines location and place. A region is a when areas are grouped together because they are near each other and have a common quality. They may have the same government, similar land, climate, etc... Click region for more information and examples of region.

Human Environment Interaction

  • This theme of geography addresses how humans interact with the earth. How do humans change or use the earth? How does the effect life on earth. To learn more about Human-Environment Interaction, click here.


  • When geographers describe movement they describe many things. They describe how people, goods, diseases, etc.. move around our world. They look at where and how these things move. They also examine the causes and effects of this movement. For more information on movement, click here.

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