4th Grade
4th Grade Projects


  • A great resource for all subject areas and grade levels
Writing Fix
  • A great resource for 6 Traits, writing prompts, etc...
  • A great resources for images, podcasts, videos, etc...
  • A great resources for images, podcasts, videos, etc..
  • A great resource for web resources
  • A link to many great science resources
Language Arts
  • A link to many great ELA resources
  • A link to many great math resources
Social Studies
  • A link to many great social studies resources

General Websites and Tools

Google Tools- advanced, searches, Wonder Wheel, Google maps, Google Earth, etc...

Firefox Add-ons

  • Great tools- especially highlighter and quicknotes

Time For Kids- Homework Helper
  • A great resource for information all subjects

  • A great website for practicing many different skills!

Language Arts

  • Students can make visual displays of text


  • Students can work on the same document at once

  • Great website for seeing graphic displays of vocabulary words
  • Make your own word search

Read- Write Think: Crossword Puzzle Maker
  • Great for reviewing vocabulary
Word Central
  • Create your own dictionary
Comic Maker
  • Create your own comics
Letter Generator
  • Use a form to create your own friendly and business letters
  • A great resource for creating graphic organizers
  • Listen and watch people read aloud some of your favorite stories
Alphabet Organizer
  • Create your own spelling word organizer
Fun Brain- Mad Libs
  • A great website for practicing parts of speech
Wacky Web Tales
  • Another "Mad Libs" style website


Virtual Manipulatives
  • Use virtual manipulatives to develop math concepts
Math Playground
  • A great resource for games, practice worksheets, etc...
  • Students compete with others to practice math facts
Math Magician
  • Great website for practicing math facts
AAA Math
  • Students learn and practice many different math skills
Telling Time
  • Students can compare how time looks on regular and digital clocks.
Cash Out
  • Great website for practicing 'money' word problems
Ruler Game
  • A great resource for practicing measurement

4th Grade Projects