3rd Grade Practice Back Scratchers 2009
Mission 1,000 Backscratcher


Have you ever found yourself in an itchy situation? Well, do I have the invention for you. The Mission 1,000 Backscratcher will take care of all your itching needs. First, you scare somebody with a projector. The projector should project something scary. Then, somebody will back up and jump into the ball. Next, the ball will roll down on an inclined plane and the, it will land on the lever. Then, the other side of the lever will raise so the rock on the pulley will fall. That will scare the bird so it will fly. Then, when the mouse gets to the slide, the hook will unattach and the mouse will slide on the spiral slide (screw). Then, when the mouse on the other side is launched up. Next, the bird and the mouse will cling on the rope and pull it a little. That activates the backscratcher. Whew! You'll never have to scratch your own back again!

Back Scratchinator


If you have to scratch your back really bad but don't want to, I've got a complex solution for you! It's the Back Scratchinator. First, someone drops a bowling ball on a lever, sending another bowling ball into the air. It hits the seesaw (lever) from underneath causing the other side to slant down. Next, the ball on the seesaw slide off and land on an inclined plane. Once it reaches the end of the inclined plane, it lands on another lever which sends a ball flying in the air. This ball reflects off a slanted ceiling and rolls down an inclined plane and breaks a piece of glass. When the glass breaks, it makes a baby cry. Somebody starts to rock the baby on a cradle (lever) which is attached to a pulley with a wedge that lands on a mouse's tail. The mouse runs back and forth in terror and bounces off of springs (screw). The mouse has a giant hand attached to him by a pulley. This back and forth motion scratches your back.

The Itchy Back Solver 9000

Has your back ever been real itchy? If so, you should try out this crazy yet oustanding machine!

First someone shoots a slingshot with a wedge to cut a string. So the string has a bowling ball and it goes down a track( inclined plane). Next, the ball falls off the track (inclined plane) and hits the side of a lever which makes another ball fly into the air. After that, the ball hits a teeter totter (lever) which makes an action figure go in the air and grab a pair of scissors (lever). Then the force of the grab will make the scissors cut a balloon'string. Next, the balloon will hit a button on a ceiling fan. After that , the fan turns on and another figure flies down and grabs a pulley. Lastly, the other side of the pulley pulls down a back scratcher and ta-da! The figure will bounce up and down for awhile and so will the back scratcher! When this works, your itchy back problem will be solved!

Super Deluxe Backscratcher 3000


Itch alot? Tired of scratching? I've got the thing for you! Come buy the Super Deluxe Backscratcher 3000! The back scratcher has the finest technology around. Here's how it works!

First, a frisbee is thrown through an open window. A dog tied to a rope chases the frisbee towards a wedge. When the dog passes the wedge, it cuts the rope on his collar. The other end of the rope goes to a pulley and then to another pulley and ends tied to a brick. When the rope is cut, the brick falls on a lever. The monkey on the other end of the lever flies up to a ring and he grabs it. The monkeys weight pulls the ring which pulls on a rope that is attached to two more pulleys and the backscratcher. Underneath the backscratcher is a brick laying on a spring (screw). As the monkey grabs on the rope the backscratcher goes up but the brick brings it back down. When the brick lands on the spring (screw) it bounces the brick and the backscratcher back up, giving the person a great back scratch!

The Complicated Backscratcher 3000


First someone digs a hole with a shovel (lever). The shovel is attached to a wheel and axle on two poles. Then the door opens and the door falls out of the bucket. After that, the balls go up and then down two inclined planes up into the air until it hits the ceiling. Someone takes the ball and throws it down a spiral ramp (screw). When it reachs the bottom of the screw it hits a bottle filled with rocks. Since it has rocks in the bottom it wobbles back and forth instead of tipping over. The bottle is attached to a string, which is attached to the backscratcher that scratches the persons back.

Crossing A River: The Rube Goldberg Way

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